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DirectNu Energy

Your Clean Energy Systems
All our products work together to generate and consume clean energy
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- Easy Installation: Simplified structure and electronics make installation easy.
- Elegant Design: carefully chosen materials with great attention to detail of materials, fit and finish. 
- Affordable: Kits are pre-engineered economical and include all components.
- Quality Guarantee

Solar Carports
The latest in solar-canopy carport solutions, this modular "out of the box" pre-engineered, easy to install design is both versatile in its ability to function on or off-grid and compatible with all PV modules.

EZ Solar North-South Canopy Datasheet
EZ Solar East-West Canopy Datasheet
Residential Carport Brochure

ev charger

EV Charging Stations
Combining elegant industrial design with ergonomics and advanced functionality, the DirectNu Energy charging stations deliver more than electricity to electric cars. All Green Park charging stations are UL approved, fully networked and support integration with a wide range or corporate IT systems.

Green Park Datasheet
EZ EV Charging Datasheet

wind solar turbine

Hybrid Lights
This self-contained streetlight combines clean solar and wind technology to power an energy-efficient LED lamp, integrated battery storage, and controls. Versatile, our light can operate both on or off-grid.


wind turbine
Wind Turbines (VAWT)
With vertical blades, these high-efficiency turbines perform exceptionally well in turbulent wind conditions, have a low wind startup, and perform quietly, making them uniquely suitable for urban settings.

300 Watt Turbine Datasheet
3KW Turbine Datasheet

Video Feature: The hybrid streetlamp
combines wind and solar power
to provide light.

DirectNu's products are tested in a variety of conditions to guarantee specified performance. In addition, all products carry CE Certification

DirectNu provides full technical support for our products as well as design and planning of systems to meet your needs

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