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KTVU News video of Cliff House Installation

Video of DirectNu Energy wind turbine recently installed on the San Francsico Cliff House.

Future Is Blowing at San Francisco's Cliff House

NBC Bay Area Feb 12, 2013

In an attempt to harvest the famous winds of San Francisco's western edge, an alternative energy company is installing a wind turbine at the site of the Cliff House, home to such forward-thinking contraptions as the Camera Obscura.

"The National Park Service actually has a mandate across the nation to lower its carbon footprint," said Alexandra Picavet, spokeswoman for the NPS, which owns the land.

The idea has been blowing around for several years, ever since the owners of the Cliff House approached their landlord, the park service, with an idea to install a turbine.

New wind turbine atop Cliff House restaurant expected to power gift shop

San Francisco Examiner Feb 12, 2013

There is a new fixture at the historic Cliff House: a 31-foot-tall wind turbine meant to capture enough ocean wind to sustain the nearby gift shop.

The three-year pilot project will determine if enough energy is created to make the building self-sustaining — a longtime goal of the National Park Service, which owns the restaurant.

“We’ve had a long-standing commitment to environmental issues and sustainability,” said Ralph Burgin, general manager of the Cliff House. “It will generate power for our facilities, but we are also part of the parks service, so this will serve as an educational piece as well.”

Cliff House wind turbine proposed for 3-year spin

Ocean Beach Bulletin Feb 12, 2013

A wind turbine could be installed at the Cliff House under a proposal being considered by the National Park Service.

The proposal calls for the installation of a turbine in the southwest corner of the observation deck, on the upper level of the Cliff House outside Sutro’s restaurant. The turbine would be installed over a few days starting July 1 if the plan is approved, and would operate for a three-year test period.

Wind turbine planned for historic restaurant

San Francisco Examiner June 17, 2012

A proposal to install a wind turbine at the historic Cliff House at the northwestern edge of San Francisco is being praised by some for its environmental benefits, but questioned by others for the aesthetics.

The National Park Service, which owns the Cliff House, has proposed installing an approximately 31-foot-tall wind turbine on the observation deck of the building. The turbine would allow the site to generate its own electricity by using the wind off of the Pacific Ocean. It is expected to produce enough energy to power the Cliff House Gift Shop.